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Henna Reflection


Our mission is to provide an artistic and reflective platform for self-discovery, self-expression, and self-appreciation, to foster a deeper connection with oneself, and find solace and gratitude in the beauty that lies within and around each one of us.


An artistic medium for women to reflect upon and embrace their inner and outer beauty.


Nida Naeem

Founder and Lead Artist

Favorite Animal: Peacock (In case it isn't obvious)

Favorite food: My Ammi Jaan's Pakistani Biryani & Thai cuisine

Favorite city to visit: Mecca

Favorite book: Purification of The Heart by Hamza Yusuf

Favorite fruit: Pomegranate

A quirky thing about me

I sing when I am feeling joyful or sad

Artistic Journey

During an extended visit to Pakistan in 2000, Henna was one of the very first forms of creative skills I explored at the age of nine with the encouragement of my Nani Ammi (maternal grandmother) Mrs.Syeda Wahid. Today I enjoy a wide variety of fine art and, over the years, I have indulged in sewing, cooking/plating, and baking up to three-tiered fondant cakes with extravagant decor for family and friends. 

I completed my undergraduate studies in Business Management at UIC in 2014. In 2020, I joined Hennaz Art as an operations manager and senior artist. As I interacted with women across many cultures and faiths on a daily basis, I realized just how much women crave meaningful connections and a sense of community. It inspired me to create Henna Reflection, a platform where I can combine two of my greatest passions, art and faith (complete trust or confidence in someone or something).  I am currently working on acquiring a teaching certificate at Ribaat online Institute and soon pursuing a Master's degree in Social Work and Public Policy. I was raised by a single mother of five and I am currently a single mother of two bright and beautiful little girls. As someone who has experienced both ends of this stick, I am extremely passionate about the social welfare of the community and also serve as the director of development and outreach at Jannah circle, a non-profit organization that primarily focuses on empowering women and children through faith-based and community building programs. 

 Applying Henna has always been a therapeutic experience for the client and me. I believe just like food, Henna brings people together. Not only does it put color and life onto bare skin, it also illuminates people's hearts and can be used as a form of healing.

Art, Faith, and Joy




Art brings joy and beauty into peoples' lives, and this form of art specifically allows me to get intimate and personally connect with women from all walks of life. Henna art is not only a form of art expression but the natural components and essential oils used, make it quite a relaxing and therapeutic experience. 

Faith can bring joy to the creative process of making art and it is the foundation of my work. When I am lost in my work, it gives me the ability to disconnect and reflect. It evokes thoughts and emotions and creates a sense of wonder and awe about all the beauty within and around us. It's a transformative experience for me as an artist and for my clients. 

Creating art is a spiritual practice that brings a sense of joy and peace to me and the client. The process is often mediative and allows both parties to connect  with and appreciate their inner and outer beauty. 

“Do you not see that God has made what is in the heaven and Earth subservient to you and made complete to you His favors outwardly and inwardly?” [31:20]

Let's Reflect Together 

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